Important Tips To Know When Renting Your First Office Space

22 Jan Important Tips To Know When Renting Your First Office Space

There can be nothing exciting when it comes looking and deciding on your first commercial space for rent. However, it is vital you understand that selecting an office space randomly and without considering the finer details would be a big mistake.

You need to ensure that the office space for rent that you are choosing is convenient for your team, augmenting their productivity as well as enabling you to thrive and expand. In light of this, mentioned below are some essential elements you should keep in mind when choosing an office space for rent.

Opt for Rental Office Space Near Your Team

If you absolutely require a dedicated commercial space for your business, then the first thing you must consider is the location. You have to make sure the office is in close proximity with where your team lives. This is going to help save their time, cutting their travel distance.

However, if you are yet to hire people, then the best thing you can do is select an office location that is near a region where there is potential talent.

Make Sure The Office Space Provides Easy Accessibility

Just as it is important to ensure the comfort and accessibility for your team, you have to do the same for your clients. For example, is it easily accessible for people who commute via public transport? Is it a convenient location accessible from a freeway? Is it going to be simple for your clients to find you?

Make a List of Important Amenities You Wish to Have Nearby

Another important factor to keep in mind when selecting a commercial space for rent, one which can impact your decision to choose a particular location, is nearby amenities. Nothing will make your team happier than knowing that there are a couple of good restaurants, bars, cafes, or hangout spots near the office. If you can’t find a location surrounded by restaurants or cafes, at least try to find a place that has coffee shops nearby.

Make Sure Your Lease is Transparent

It is one thing to know what is and is not included in your lease when renting an office space. However, it is entirely another when you are not sure about a score of other provisions that you could have availed in the lease as well, but did not know anything at the time. So, the best thing to do is to have the lease designed clearly, with the provisions clearly spelled and worded. Do not take your landlord’s word on what is and is not included in the lease, have it written down and signed.

Find an Expert to Help You

The process of choosing and deciding on a good commercial space for rent can be frustratingly daunting, especially if it is your first time doing it. However, you can make things ridiculously ease for yourself if you find an experienced and reputed real estate agent that deals in commercial properties. It would be best if you find one that is local to the area you are considering as he/she will have the necessary information and knowledge in regards to the points mentioned earlier.


So there you go – a short yet insightful dive into what you should do when seeking out an office for your new business.