Have had my business office here since 2017.
Rent is very reasonable and you definitely get big bang for your buck. Great for small businesses.
Frank Zigmund

Having your own business here at ABC is a great location.Amazingly Great rates from renting a office to a full size 1300+square ft shop.
The office Manager Diane is great and very professional, from greeting you, to showing you units and being attentive. The property could use a makeover from landscaping to paint.But with great business neighbors and working together to clean up, the place can get better from here.
Kaylea Patricia

Business Office Renter 2+ years

I really like the location, easy, direct access on and off of Ulmerton rd. A very high traffic rd. which is great for any business. ABC has a lot to offer it has everything from a gun shop to machine shop a couple car sales and even if convenience store. To me a great location for business
Halley Williams